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"Discovering Our Selves" written by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.
Voice Dialogue
"Making Relationships Work for You." written by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.
Voice Dialogue, Couples
Voice Dialogue
"Journaling with your Inner Selves" (Adobe pdf, 40kb) written by Ann Dobbertin, LCSW-C and Mary Disharoon, LMFT
Voice Dialogue, Journaling
"Living with the 'rock' in my Life" (Adobe pdf, 36kb) written by Ann Dobbertin, Published in "The Counselor" Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Centers, May-June 1987
Getting to Know Ann
"The Secret Garden - Why Group Therapy Works" (Adobe pdf 41kb)
written by Reverend David Voss
Group Therapy

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