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Imago Relationship Therapy

The art of conscious relating.

Imago and Voice Dialogue

Discussing emotionally laden issues is often more difficult than everyday conversation. Imago has a very specific dialogue structure that helps couples learn how to slow down their conversation so that they can truly hear and understand each other.  Imago teaches techniques to get beyond defensive barriers, deepen intimacy, enhance passion and promote healing from early relational wounds.  That can lead to changed behaviors and attitudes, reawakening of spirit, and wholeness, and the creation of a "tool -box-for-life" to help maintain joyful, committed partnerships.

Voice Dialogue interfaces well with the Imago Dialogue structure.  Voice Dialogue helps us to understand the family of selves that lie within each of us.  Some of the selves are the ones who are in control, especially when we feel vulnerable.  Other selves are disowned or lost and need to be developed.  It is important to know how all those selves interact in relationship because they usually interact in a predictable pattern.  Understanding those patterns of interaction enable us to make better choices about how we can respond differently to familiar situations.  This is especially helpful in finding new ways to handle conflictual situations.

Imago Relationship Therapy, a state-of-the-art approach to working with relationships, was developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen Hunt. It was first published in the bestseller: Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples.  

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Voice Dialogue was developed by Dr.s Hal and Sidra Stone. They have published:  Partnering – A New Kind of Relationship How to Love Each Other Without Losing Yourselves.

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