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Support that empowers you to transform challenges into life lessons


I believe that being centered in your inner world helps bring balance and perspective to your everyday life. I provide a place and guidance for you to learn to center yourself and become more aware of your feelings and thoughts so that you can make healthy choices, find greater life satisfaction, and more effectively interact with others. I specialize in the integration of the body, mind and spirit, difficult childhood experiences that affect you today, psychological challenges posed by physical disability, depression and anxiety, and dream interpretation. Contact me to set up an appointment


I help couples who desire to maintain the marriage but who don’t want to continue down the path the marriage is currently traveling. I use a combination of Imago Relationship Therapy and Voice Dialogue to enhance and revitalize the relationship. I am a certified Imago Relationship Therapist.


Women's Groups are a place where women gather to grow in self awareness, share common concerns and find support for life’s challenges and struggles. They also provide an opportunity to learn how to relate in an authentic way.

Dream Groups focus on how we can benefit from learning the language of our nocturnal processing. Because  our dreams are so complex, the creative energy of several people sharing makes it is easier to unravel the symbols, the language, and the messages that come to aid us in our individual lives.

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